Hi I’m Carson Daly I am 10 years old and have been kart racing for five years
I come from a racing family my Dad races in the BMW race series and my uncle does drifting in his BMW with a big turbo

As a family we would go to to car racing and kart racing events most weekends
I started off practicing at the Hamilton kart club in my kiwi kart cadet racket when I was 5 and then once i turned 6 I was finally allowed to race

We try to practice or race whenever we can all around the North island

My dream would be to be a V8 super car driver one day and I am going to try my best to get better every time I go out on the track

I am so thankful to have great sponsors and help and I hope you like this website

Name : Carson Daly
Age : 11
Location : Hamilton, New Zealand
Years Racing: 6
Team : Veloce Karting PDB Racing

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My Gear


Ø Tubes and material: 28 X2 mm
Wheel base: 950 mm
Rear width: 586 mm
Front width: 635 mm
Length: 1300 mm
Tank capacity: 4 liters
Brake system: Hydraulic self adjusting
Rear brake disk: 155×4 mm
Axle: 30x5x960 hollow
Steering wheel: 300mm
Bodywork: Eurostar Mini
Alloy Wheels: 130-138/140 mm
CIK Homologation: CSAI 08/CH/14

Made in: Italy

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